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Clever Sucker-Bets

From Richard Wiseman, here are 10 bets you’ll never lose. I especially like number 10!



Ceiling Fan Trick

Good thing he warned me not to try this at home, because after seeing how well it worked for him I definitely would have.


Magic Tricks

Two very impressive magic tricks, both from British Television. First, a chess trick:

This is a video cut from “Trick of The Mind” series aired in the UK. The clip here is taken directly from Season 1 — Episode 1.

And a card trick:


[via Cyanide and Happiness]

Burnt Telephone Pole

This isn’t a photoshop trick. It’s a picture of a telephone pole near Linevo in Russia’s Volvograd region, which was hard-hit by wildfires.

This Image is Not a Photoshop Trick [Gizmodo]

Toy Meerkat Becomes Mother to Orphans

Above, five baby meerkats who sadly lost their mother after they were born to the trauma of giving birth. Their owner has given them the above doll with a hot water bottle inside and they can’t seem to tell the difference.

“The babies are a month old now and they lost their mum just two days after they were born,” Mr Rowlands said. “We bought the toy to try and lessen the trauma for them and try and make things as natural as possible.

“We put it in with them and they just snuggled up to it like it was their mother. To recreate the warmth that Anika would have given off we also found a small hot water bottle we got the right temperature.

“They now assume that the toy is their mum and they acting completely normally around it. Of course every hour we have to feed them milk ourselves, but use miniature little bottles which recreate how they would get it from mum.

“We even give it to them near the toy so they can’t tell the difference between it and their mother – it’s a really good result.”

Toy Meerkat Becomes Mother to Orphans [The Telegraph]

Ames’ Window

This is one of the coolest optical illusions I’ve seen in a while!

[via Kottke]