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Dumb Ways to Die

The latest PSA from Melbourne’s Metro Trains hypothesizes about some of the dumbest ways one could meet their end. (The song is by Tangerine Kitty).



Ceiling Fan Trick

Good thing he warned me not to try this at home, because after seeing how well it worked for him I definitely would have.


Solid Waste Services Department

The City of Austin, TX is renaming its Solid Waste Services Department and has asked for help from the public to conceive of and vote on a new name:

The City of Austin is renaming the Solid Waste Services Department to better reflect all of the services the Department provides, including recycling, garbage collection, yard trimmings pick-up, street sweeping, litter abatement and litter control, household hazardous waste disposal, storm debris clean-up, Zero Waste initiatives and community outreach & education. We would like your input on the three new department name ideas below. You can cast a total of three votes, and as many as three votes for a particular name. Just click ‘vote’ to the left of the name to cast your vote. You can also provide comments on any of the items or suggest a new name of your own. The deadline to vote and comment is Thursday, February 10 at midnight. Thanks for your input! Stay tuned: the new department name will be announced in late April 2011.

The current winner is the Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts, although there are a lot of other great ones on the ballot. Among my favourites: Austin Dept. of Are You Gonna Eat That?; Poop Hunters United; Stone Cold Clean Austin; Litter Gitters; Ministry Of Filth; Taco Bell; Austin Feces Brigade; and the George Bush Memorial Shit Pile. But there are a lot more hilarious ones there too.


Oh, To Be a Kid Again

[via DM]

Pulling a Tooth with a Rocket

This guy definitely deserves a parenting award. His son needed a tooth pulled, so what else could he do but use a model rocket to pull it out?

[Note: the kid wasn’t hurt. He seems to think it was kind of funny, too.]

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Gold-Dispensing ATM Machines Convert Cash to Gold

Newly installed at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi is an ATM machine that converts cash to gold bars, if for any reason you would every find yourself in a hurry to convert a large sum of cash to gold bars. From the Consumerist:

According to Emirates Palace, the machine has a range of built-in security features, including anti-money-laundering software. We suspect it also comes with some sky-high fees or commissions. But we suppose that anyone who needs to convert cash to gold so quickly that they’ll use this, probably isn’t worried about that (though we suspect that they may be a little concerned about that anti-money-laundering software).

Gold-Dispensing ATM Converts Pesky Cash to 24K Gold [The Consumerist]

Man Loses Licence After Driving Barbie Car Drunk

Paul Hutton, 40, has lost his licence for three years after being pulled over by police driving drunk in a pink Barbie car designed for small children with a top speed of 4 mph. Almost every sentence in the article made me laugh:

Speaking after the hearing at Colchester magistrates court, he said: “You have to be a contortionist to get in, and then you can’t get out.

“I was very surprised to get done for drink-driving but I was a twit to say the least.

“It is designed for three-to-five-year-olds.

“Originally it was a pink Barbie car but I put bigger wheels on it but it’s not fast.

Man Loses Licence After Drink-Driving in Toy Barbie Car [The Telegraph]