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Everybody Needs a Hobby

34-year-old William Falkingham has been warned by police in Idaho Falls to stop wearing his bunny suit in public as it scares children. Police have been receiving reports about him for years, but they finally decided to issue an order to stop after getting a report of him hiding behind a tree, peeking at a young boy and, “pointing his finger like a gun”.

One of his neighbours defended Falkingham, saying, “He’s got the bunny outfit, a cowboy suit and a ballerina dress but you don’t see him except where he’s tripping through his backyard.”



Ten Weirdest Animals of 2010

The Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat, a.k.a. the ‘Yoda Bat’ is one of the ten weirdest animals newly discovered in 2010, according to the editors of National Geographic magazine. Others include the T.Rex Leech, the Sneezing Snub-Nosed Monkey and the Pink Handfish.

Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010: Editors Picks [National Geographic]

We Speak No Americano

Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding (also known as Up and Over It) Irish hand dance to Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s hit single “We No Speak Americano.”


Burnt Telephone Pole

This isn’t a photoshop trick. It’s a picture of a telephone pole near Linevo in Russia’s Volvograd region, which was hard-hit by wildfires.

This Image is Not a Photoshop Trick [Gizmodo]

What is This?

Apparently, it’s a type of spider called a Cyclocosmia. Wikipedia sez:

The abdomen of spiders in this genus is abruptly truncated and ends in a hardened disc which is strengthened by a system of ribs and grooves. They use this to clog the entrance of their 7 to 15 cm deep vertical burrows when threatened, a phenomenon called phragmosis. Strong spines are located around the edge of the disc. The four spinnerets are found just anterior to it, with the posterior, retractable spinnerets particularly large. C. ricketti females are 28 mm long, with a disc diameter of 16 mm. Only the bottom portion of the burrow is silk lined.


This is How Dogs Sit in Poland

It’s not really how dogs sit in Poland. I just made that up.


Oddest Book Titles of 2009

The shortlist for the Diagram prize, awarded for the oddest book titles of the year, is out:

If you have a copy of “Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter” on your bookshelf, or always wanted to read “Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich,” or maybe envisioned taking “Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes” on your next vacation, you’ll want to vote now in The Bookseller’s contest for oddest book title of the year.

Yes, there actually are volumes with those names, along with Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots, The Changing World of Inflammatory Bowel  Disease and “What Kind of Bean is This Chichuahua – and together the six make up the shortlist for the Diagram Prize, to be announced on March 26 after voting is completed on the site http://www.thebookseller.com.

Oddest Book Titles of 2009 Make For Mighty Strange Reading [HeraldSun]