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Daily Life in Pakistan

Absolutely stunning photograph of girls in a Pakistani slum by Muhammed Muheisen shooting for the Associated Press. There is a whole series on daily life in Pakistan over on the Big Picture.

Pakistan: Daily Life [The Big Picture]


O Morro

Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn have just completed their O Morro project in the Santa Marta favela of Rio de Janeiro, in Brasil. For the project, they painted over 7000 square metres of the slum with the help of local youth, who were trained and paid for their contribution. The aim was twofold: to transform the favela into a place the residents can be proud of and to bring art to people who otherwise might have no access to it. Urhans sez: “it has the potential of working as a catalyst in the processes of social renewal.” You can learn more and donate to the project at favelapainting.com and you can see some more pictures after the jump.

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Planet Slum

In 2005, Norwegian photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen spent time living in slums in Nairobi, Caracas, Mumbai and Jakarta to document the conditions there. He said, “I got interested to break some of my own stereotypes of these places. What I really wanted to focus on was not the extremities, the worst poverty, or the worst slums, but on how people manage to construct daily lives in the midst of such challenges.” A slum in Caracas, Venezuela, is pictured above.

Planet Slum (Photo Essay) [Foreign Policy]