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Explorer-in-Residence Writing Office

Pictured above is the incredible writing office designed by Travis Price architects for Wade Davis, National Geographic’s current Explorer-in-Residence:

“Travis did a studio on M Street in Georgetown for me,” Davis says, noting that in his current home, zoning prohibited a detached building. While many need light-filled rooms for inspiration, he wanted to avoid large windows opening onto a residential neighborhood and sought a cave-like atmosphere to disappear into his work. Subtle light was brought in by other means when the architect built a dome above his client’s desk (which Price describes as similar to the rotunda of the oracle’s temple at Delphi) and filled it with the books he uses the most. Davis whimsically calls the space his “Navajo kiva of knowledge.”

Writing Office for National Geographic’s Explorer in Residence   [BoingBoing]


Angry Snake Charmer Releases Snakes in India Office

An angry snake-charmer in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has released dozens of snakes – some of them poisonous – in a local government office:

Mr Hakkul is usually called in whenever a snake is spotted in the area and he has saved many lives over the years, local journalist Mazhar Azad told the BBC.

Mr Hakkul has petitioned various government offices over the years demanding a plot of land where he can “conserve” his snakes.

Mr Azad said Mr Hakkul had even petitioned the president.

Mr Hakkul says his request has been cleared by senior authorities, but the local officials keep delaying it.

On Tuesday, Mr Hakkul went to the Tehsil [revenue] office with a group of supporters and emptied out his bags containing venomous snakes.

“Snakes were climbing up the tables and chairs. The office was full, there were nearly 100 officials and clerks and many more visitors,” Mr Azad said.

Angry India Charmer Lets Loose Snakes in Office   [BBCNews]

The Ministry

Afghanistan is finally getting it’s own version of The Office. The show, called The Minstry, is set at “The Ministry of Garbage” and lampoons the excessive corruption in the country, as well as other things.


A Short Film About Bureaucracy

One of the finalists in the Jameson Notodofilmfest.


Office Weapons Annihilate Office Boredom, Get You Fired


Wired has a list of easy-to-make weapons from office supplies, such as this Ping-Pong-Zooka above. They’re from the book MiniWeapons of Mass Destruction by John Austin, who’s spent a lot of his life miniaturizing weapons for G.I. Joe and Star Wars figurines. These ideas are perfect if you’d like to do more than write a mean note to a fridge thief, or if you’ve just gotten tired of working there. And the Ping-Pong-Zooka? Well…

Range: 20 feet
Cover one end of a paper-towel tube with duct tape. Cut a hole in the tape and insert a barbecue lighter. Tape on a ruler for reinforcement. Spritz flammable hair spray inside; let it settle. Load a Ping-Pong ball and pull the lighter trigger. Fireworks!

Tiny, Easy-to-Build Weapons Annihilate Office Boredom [Wired]

Rude Office Kitchen Signs


I almost feel out of my chair laughing at some of these rude office kitchen signs. More after the jump!

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The Gubernator’s Office

Conan Sword

So I just found out that, in addition to a giant Terminator model, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has the actual prop sword from Conan on display in his office. I can’t help but wonder how many times it’s come in handy.