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European Etymology Maps


A great set of maps showing the etymological origins of various words in European languages. Interesting to see how the families group together…or don’t.


And lots more here.


40 Maps That Will Help You Understand the World


Twister Sifter is carrying a great compilation of maps with some extra information on them. Several of them have been featured on this blog before, but not even close to all of them. I particularly like the map above, showing the most common surnames by country in Europe, and the one below, which shows where different writing systems are used around the world. For both, click to embiggen.


40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World   [TwisterSifter]

Paramount Studios Location Map


This map, from a 1927 publication entitled “The Motion Picture Industry as a Basis for Bond Financing”, shows which parts of California can be used as a set for different parts of the world.


World Beer Map

largebeermap[click to embiggen]

I really like this map that shows beers from every nation in the world – even the ones where alcohol is illegal.



Google Earth Captures Plane Mid-Takeoff

Scroll down the runway on this larger map to see the airplane in various stages of takeoff, as photographed by a satellite for Google Earth. The plane (a KC-135, from the looks of it) is taking off from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.


Worldwide Coffee Consumption

This chart shows the current consumption of coffee per capita around the world, according to the World Resources Institute.


Ten World-Altering Maps

The British Library has an exhibit happening right now of maps that changed the world. The Daily Mail has a smashing top-ten. Above is the first map of the London Tube system, from 1933:

Dismissed as too ‘revolutionary’ when it was first submitted in 1931, Harry Beck’s Underground map solved the problem of how to represent clearly and elegantly a dense, complex interweaving of train lines.

Placing the stations at similar intervals regardless of their true locations amplifies the area of central London, increasing its clarity, while the straight lines and interchange symbols confer a simplicity and order on the network. A cartographic icon.

Ten of the Greatest Maps That Changed the World [DailyMail]