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Life Magazine’s Best Pictures

Life Magazine has posted a brilliant set of the best pictures featured in their magazine between 1936 and 1972. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I love this shot from 1965:

In one of the most eloquent photographs ever made of a great athlete in decline, Yankee star Mickey Mantle flings his batting helmet away in disgust after another terrible at-bat near the end of his storied, injury-plagued career. Originally published in the July 30, 1965, issue of LIFE.

The Best of Life: 37 Years in Pictures   [Life]


Want Your Boy to Tuck in His Shirt?

From an unknown magazine, circa the 1940’s, comes this advice for mothers whose sons won’t keep their shirts properly tucked in.


Stranded Takes Off

During the volcano-induced airspace shutdown back in April a group of people, many of whom have never met and all of whom were stranded in various airports worked together to collaborate on a single-issue magazine:

What we’ve made of it all is an 88-page souvenir of a moment in time when a non-life-threatening crisis hit the world, one for which nobody was to blame, and nobody knew how long it would last. People scrambled to find alternative routes home, any way, any how, or tried to make the best of wherever fate had placed them. It was a moment of unplanned disruption, never to be repeated in quite the same way. The perfect subject for a magazine, in fact.

That magazine is now available for sale, and definitely looks worth the $18.95.

Stranded Takes Off [Magtastic Blogsplosion]

The Seventeen Magazine Project

18-year-old Jaime Keiles from Pennsylvania isn’t really the kind of girl who reads girly magazines. So, she decided to live the last month of her high school career “according to the gospel of Seventeen magazine”. Not only that, she’s blogging the entire thing. It’s a charming, witty read that shows the difference between the marketed and real versions of teenage life.

…today I woke up in the morning and got dressed for school. I took fashion advice from the page of “French Nautical” looks, and hair advice from Elisabeth, 17, in Maine, who suggested I wear a high bun because it was, “quick yet elegant and perfect for my low maintenance beauty routine.” Then I went to school. Then I came home. Then I had 10 hours of time to fill between arriving at my house and writing this post.

Looking inside the magazine for suggestions of activities to partake in proved to be of little help. The vast majority of the activities offered were some variation on flirting. There were also tips for starting my own business, but I was not looking to pursue an endeavor of such grandiose proportions on a standard Tuesday evening. An article enticingly titled “High Times” actually made efforts to steer me away from smoking pot to fill my time, but failed to offer me even one other comparable recreational activity that I could participate in without the presence of boys, my friends, or some sort of substantial financial backing.

The Seventeen Magazine Project

Like Slate for Terrorists

Al-Qaeda has been publishing its own magazine called Sada al-Manahim (“The Echo of Battles”) for about two years now. They cover all things jihadi: tips on becoming a better foot solider, interviews with terrorist leaders, even fan mail. Slate has a brilliant piece comparing the jihadi publication to their own magazine:

In some ways, Sada al-Malahim isn’t all that different from Slate. The content is separated out into various departments and rubrics—like “Martyr Biographies,” which recount the life stories of suicide bombers. Many of its articles are penned by notable figures, like Nasser al-Wahishi, a former secretary to Osama bin Laden who heads the al-Qaida affiliate in Yemen. (Al-Wahishi may have been killed in a Dec. 24 airstrike.) Some Sada al-Malahim pieces are published in installments. The recent “Victory Over the Interrogators” series, for example, began by instructing readers on what to expect if captured and followed up with tips on how to resist divulging sensitive information. There’s even an Explainer-like feature that answers reader questions about current topics in jihadism. (Here’s one: The prophet commanded us to expel infidels from the Arabian Peninsula. Which countries was he referring to?) The column, called “Fatawa” after the Islamic tradition of seeking scriptural interpretations from a mufti, was spiked earlier this year.

What Can You Read About in Al-Qaeda’s Web Magazine? [Slate]

Magazine Sculptures

Carved Vogue

Nate Page carves up magazines to produce new works of art. This one kind of reminds me of those Austin Powers movies where the girls have robotic faces under their latex masks. I love a girl of that caliber! Hit the jump for some even spookier-looking ones.

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1000-year Delayed Magazine Cover

There are words hidden in there...

Talk about delayed gratification! The cover of this months Opium Magazine is printed with a special ink that will gradually reveal itself over a period of 1000 years. Until then, you’ve got to wait. The idea (and the story) is the brainchild of conceptual artist Jonathan Keats. According to Keats, “This is the antidote to instant gratification. Who cares what’s actually written?” By the way, the story itself is exactly 1000 words long.

Magazine Story to Reveal Itself During One Thousand Years [Gizmodo]