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Jurassic Guitar Orchestra

John William’s theme from Jurassic Park as performed by Shiba High School’s guitar club – one of the oldest guitar orchestras in Japan.



The Seventeen Magazine Project

18-year-old Jaime Keiles from Pennsylvania isn’t really the kind of girl who reads girly magazines. So, she decided to live the last month of her high school career “according to the gospel of Seventeen magazine”. Not only that, she’s blogging the entire thing. It’s a charming, witty read that shows the difference between the marketed and real versions of teenage life.

…today I woke up in the morning and got dressed for school. I took fashion advice from the page of “French Nautical” looks, and hair advice from Elisabeth, 17, in Maine, who suggested I wear a high bun because it was, “quick yet elegant and perfect for my low maintenance beauty routine.” Then I went to school. Then I came home. Then I had 10 hours of time to fill between arriving at my house and writing this post.

Looking inside the magazine for suggestions of activities to partake in proved to be of little help. The vast majority of the activities offered were some variation on flirting. There were also tips for starting my own business, but I was not looking to pursue an endeavor of such grandiose proportions on a standard Tuesday evening. An article enticingly titled “High Times” actually made efforts to steer me away from smoking pot to fill my time, but failed to offer me even one other comparable recreational activity that I could participate in without the presence of boys, my friends, or some sort of substantial financial backing.

The Seventeen Magazine Project