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Ted Kaczynski’s Harvard Alumni Directory Listing

Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, graduated from Harvard 50 years ago. He updated his own entry in the Harvard alumni directory just in time for the 50th reunion.



Harvard Entrance Exam

In this ad from the New York Times circa 1870, Harvard tried to downplay the difficulty of its entrance exam, stating that 185 of 210 candidates were admitted. Interested in seeing if you would get in? Excerpts from the exam can be found here.


Handful of Twitter Users do all the Tweeting


A study by Harvard business school has found that only 10 percent of Twitter users account for about 90 percent of all tweets. I feel stupid just using the word ‘tweets’ in a sentence. The report states, “This implies that Twitter resembles more of a one-way, one-to-many publishing service than a two-way, peer-to-peer communication network.” They also found that the typical Twitter user only tweets once in their lifetime, and half of all users abandon the service within the first month.

I’ve got to admit, I tried Twitter once. But it was in college, everyone was doing it.

I don’t want to have to say ‘tweet’ any more, so if you’re still interested, here’s the Telegraph:

Handful of Twitter Users do all the Tweeting [Telegraph]