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Kurt Vonnegut’s Story Shapes





Effects of Gold Medal Hockey on the Edmonton Water Grid

This graph shows the amount of water used in Edmonton during the recent gold medal hockey match between Canada and the US. I wonder how many flushes that is?


Famous Movie Quotes

This is a really cool set of famous movie quotes shown as graphs and charts. Can you figure them all out?


Kurt Vonnegut Explains Drama


After the link Kurt Vonnegut, my favourite author of all time, explains drama, especially the need people have for drama in their lives.

Kurt Vonnegut Explains Drama [Derek Sivers]

Futuristic Movie Timeline

Pretty bars

This is a really cool chart by Dan Meth. Dan says:

No one really pays much attention to what year sci-fi movies take place. I thought it would be interesting to arrange some classic films about the future into chronological order and see what we’d find. I’ve also charted the years in which they were released as well as the current year. This is by far the geekiest thing I’ve ever done.

Futuristic Movie Timeline [DanMeth]

Number of Pirates Killed By Each President

Take That, Roosevelt!

[via Woosk]