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How Animals Eat Their Food



Exorcist Parody Commercial



Professional photographers Joe Ayala and Larry Chen were returning from a gig in Florida and ended up with an overnight layover at Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport. They decided to make this video of pranks they pulled at the airport overnight.

Security decided they didn’t need to bother the two pranksters, as “the filmmakers were presenting no threat to themselves, to others or to flight safety, and were causing no damage.”


Dad of the Year

Presented without comment.


Money too Funny

A court in Argentina has thrown out counterfeiting charges against a man by way of incompetence, stating that the quality of the bills was so low that nobody could be fooled.

A federal court in Buenos Aires says the forged bills presented by Marcos Ribles were “so clumsy and crude” that “they could not be accepted by most people.”

The court says the 65-year-old man tried to pass a false 100-peso Argentine note, nominally worth about $26, as well as a false U.S. $50 bill.

Money too Funny [Google]

April Fools Day

Time Magazine is running a really cool piece online: a top ten list of the greatest April Fools Day pranks ever. And I’m only a day late bringing it to you…

Ten Best April Fools Day Pranks Ever [Time]