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The Last Ice Merchant

This absolutely stunning documentary is about Baltazar Ushca, who has mined glacial ice on Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo for over 50 years. Due to the cheapness of manufactured ice, he’s the last one still working there – both of his brother’s have retired from the family business.

The Last Ice Merchant   [Vimeo]


Afrikaner Blood

Disturbing photographs by Elles van Gelder and Ilvy Njiokiktjien, whose documentary, entitled Afrikaner Blood, won 1st prize in the World Press Photo 2012 multimedia category. The documentary follows a group of South African teenagers attending a training camp run by a far-right racist group.

Learning to be Racist in South Africa   [BBCNews]

Money as Debt

Very interesting and enlightening documentary by Paul Grignon, on the nature and value of money in the modern world and what that means for all of us. Very worth watching.

What a Wonderful World

To honour the world-renowned natural history narrators final program with the BBC, Sir David Attenborough recites the words to “What a Wonderful World” over appropriately wonderful footage.


Ray: A Life Underwater

An absolutely brilliant portrait of 75-year-old Ray Ives, a diver who brings to the surface anything that catches his fancy.

Charles Mysak of Wayne

Bookseller Charles Mysak has sold books out of his car every day in the same spot in New York City’s Upper West Side for 11 years, feeding 36 dollars in quarters into the parking meter every day to keep the space. Alden Peters, a student at NYU, has made a short documentary about Mysak.


Inside Haitian Vodou

There’s a fascinating photo essay on Life by Anthony Karen, who’s been photographically documenting Haitian Vodou for years.

Asked how long it took before participants accepted that he would be photographing their spiritual rites, Karen replies that, paradoxically enough, the intimacy of the ceremonies makes documenting them less difficult than one might think. “I’d compare it to being utterly engrossed in a good book,” he says. “Most of the Vodouisants are so wrapped up in the proceedings that they don’t notice me. As a photographer, you’re simply very small compared to the higher power that they feel is present in those moments.”

Inside Haitian Vodou   [Life]