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The Men Who Chased Shipwrecks


The Gibson family in Cornwall have maintained a tradition for over a hundred years that whenever a ship is wrecked off the coast, one of them is there to document it.

The family tradition—documenting shipwrecks, obsessively and artistically—started with John, a fisherman-turned-professional-photographer, who learned about the new technology in Penzance in 1860. Gibson trained his two sons, Alexander and Herbert, as apprentice photographers. The Gibsons, armed with their cameras, soon made a habit of traipsing out to every accident in the area as it occurred, capturing haunting scenes in the process.

To get news of the wrecks, and share the results of their work, the family took advantage of another new technology: the telegraph. The sea surrounding their home in the Isles of Scilly was treacherous, and mariners made headlines when they sunk their ships after encountering storms or Cornwall’s notorious cliffs. The Gibsons speedily dispatched both themselves and their images with the help of newly installed telegraph wires.

The Men Who Chased Shipwrecks   [TheAtlantic]


Child’s Eye View of Hungary Sludge Disaster

Fascinating set of pictures on the beeb of pictures drawn by children who witnessed the toxic sludge disaster in Hungary.

Child’s Eye View of Hungary Sludge Disaster [BBC]

Dr. James Hansen on Climate Change

Dr. James Hansen is the leading scientific expert on climate change. He discusses the causes, the magnitude of the problem (it’s worse than you think) and the path to the solution in this video. It’s really worth your time to watch this, especially if you’re not so familiar with the topic. Dr. Hansen’s new book is titled Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity.

[via Dangerous Minds]