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Feelgood Inc.

The multi-talented Josie Charlwood covers the Gorillaz’ “Feelgood Inc.” by herself on a ton of gear by looping all the tracks. Very impressive.



Toxic Oompah

And Oompah brass band cover Britney Spears’ Toxic for BBC5.

[via B3ta]

Style Your Garage

A German company called Style Your Garage makes these really cool garage door covers. Definitely a lot more interesting that a plain wooden garage door. Some more of my favourites after the jump!

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Movies as Retro Bookcovers


Flick user spacesick has put up a whole bunch of these cool visualizations of what movie covers would look like as oldschool bookcovers. I can remember having books like these, except not as cool as Caddyshack! Hit the jump for a whole bunch more!

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