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Full Bottle Wine Glass



Giving Up Bottled Water

A town meeting in Concord, Massachusetts, recently voted to ban bottled water in the community, effective January first. The town of Bundanoon, Australia became the first town in the world to take that step last year. Writing for BBC’s Viewpoint column, Bundanoon resident Huw Kingtson offers some encouragement to the people of Concord:

What we didn’t account for was the massive worldwide coverage our plan received. Just about every major media outlet across the world covered the story. I did over 200 interviews in two days and town was crawling with TV crews from across the world.

We had touched a nerve – a small community sending a message upwards.

A message about the environment and a message about people making the right choices for themselves. Our state government followed by announcing the banning of bottled water that same day in all government premises.

We received hundreds of messages of support from across the world. Dozens of communities and municipalities have asked advice on how to reduce their bottled water consumption.

The bottled water industry was not very happy (of course) and has tried various initiatives to try to stop the bandwagon rolling on.

But the movement grows, and you, good people of Concord, are part of it.

Concord, You Can Give Up Bottled Water [BBCNews]

After Office Tie


The ‘After Office Tie’ is one of 100 shortlisted entries from Design Boom’s recent design competitions. It’s designed by Sinapsis studios and allows the wearer to easily open a refreshing beverage after a long hard day.



Bottled Water is Made From Polar Bear Tears

Sad Bear

Tappening has started this hilarious new anti-bottled water campaign, called Start a Lie The premise: “if bottled water companies can lie, we can too!” Hit the jump for some more. You may be surprised at what else bottled water is responsible for.

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