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The Last Ice Merchant

This absolutely stunning documentary is about Baltazar Ushca, who has mined glacial ice on Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo for over 50 years. Due to the cheapness of manufactured ice, he’s the last one still working there – both of his brother’s have retired from the family business.

The Last Ice Merchant   [Vimeo]


Sony Photography Awards


The shortlist of winners for the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards is out, and there are some brilliant ones. Above is a piece entitled Tradition, by Reza Nezamdust of Iran. Below, is Return to Childhood Landscapes, taken by Hajdu Tamas on the train from Bucharest to Baia Mare in Romania.


The 2013 Sony World Photography Awards   [TheAtlantic]

What a Wonderful World

To honour the world-renowned natural history narrators final program with the BBC, Sir David Attenborough recites the words to “What a Wonderful World” over appropriately wonderful footage.



An absolutely beautiful video taken in Afghanistan:

As each of us has his own impression of Afghanistan that is predominantly marked with pictures of foreign forces, explosions and terror, we were privileged to have access to capture daily life and portrait some people of Afghanistan.
We hope the pictures you know will merge with the pictures you see and will enrich your view on the country in the Hindu Kush.

From TYWKIWDBI: “Ponder as you view their faces that these people are your brothers and sisters by principle, and your very very distant cousins by genetics.”


Swarm of Squid Surrounds Underwater Photographer

Photographer Jon Schwartz was documenting a friends fishing expedition off the coast of San Diego when he was surrounded by this group of friendly squid.



Kevin ‘K.O.’ Olusola acts as his own turntablist on this absolutely beautiful track.


Butterfly Egg

This is a photo of a butterfly egg resting on a flower bud at 6x magnification. Itearned an Image of Distinction award in this year’s Nikon Small World Photography Competition. Image by David Millard of Austin, Texas.