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Dog Playing Fetch

A very clever Jack Russell in London has figured out how to play fetch by himself when he can’t find anyone to play with.



Nice Shot

Fantastic shot by aptly-named photographer Mark Pain (in the blue vest, below). He was hit by the drive from Tiger Woods (in case you weren’t sure, that’s the ball that’s coming towards the viewer in the picture). Apparently both Woods and his cabbie were pretty miffed about the shot, but had to admit that it was a bad shot on Woods’ behalf, but not on Pains’ – he was standing right where he was supposed to.

The Daily Mail

Self-Stirring Tea Cup

This self-stirring teacup by Florian Dussopt and Julie Girard is designed to help you enjoy the last bit of your tea. You know, when the dregs are there and you need to stir them up. The little ball whips around its little track with a little help from you and stirs everything up.

[via KN]