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Model Car Photography


Michael Paul Smith makes brilliant photographs of (fictional) Egin Park (top), circa 1950’s. His setups (bottom) seamlessly integrate model- and full-scale.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1950, Michael has been building scale models for over 25 years. His model making skills have been accumulated through his varied job and life experiences; he has been a text book illustrator, wallpaper hanger and house painter, designer of museum displays, architectural model maker, and art director for retail stores. His love of the 20th Century has been a constant inspiration for all of his work.

Michael Paul Smith   [Flickr]


Feels Good to Go Fast, Don’t It?

This is a great video of people from Top Gear taking a Bugatti Veyron to it’s top speed of 253 mph (which is 407 km/h, for those of us who don’t live in the US, Liberia or Myanmar). I’m not much of a car person (I hate the damn things) but I love the manner of the person driving it. He does a great job of letting you know just how fast it really is. “At this speed, my tires will only last about 15 minutes, which isn’t a problem because my fuel will run out in 12 minutes.” Brilliant!

Kottke.org has a whole bunch more videos about speed put up. Another great one is the Joseph Kittinger one. Capt. Kittinger jumped out of a weather balloon in 1960 from 102 800 feet, reaching about 614 mph in freefall (and setting a whole crapload of records in the process). And yes, he had a parachute. Check it out!

What Fast Looks Like [kottke]