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How Animals Eat Their Food



Bucket of Sloths

A bucket of sloths, for some reason.


Cat and Rat Drinking Milk Together

Apropos of nothing, here’s a cat and a (very bold) rat sharing a bowl of milk.


Sheep Cyclone


Ten Weirdest Animals of 2010

The Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat, a.k.a. the ‘Yoda Bat’ is one of the ten weirdest animals newly discovered in 2010, according to the editors of National Geographic magazine. Others include the T.Rex Leech, the Sneezing Snub-Nosed Monkey and the Pink Handfish.

Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010: Editors Picks [National Geographic]

Light-Chasing Penguins

Penguins chasing a spot of light on the wall of their enclosure. I love penguins.



It is a well-known fact that suburbs are generally named after the trees that were cut down to build them.

Comic by Tom the Dancing Bug.