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Orchid Mantis


Amazing camouflage from the orchid mantis.



How Animals Eat Their Food


Creatures from the Mariana Trench


From a really cool gallery on Imgur, some photographs on creatures from the Mariana Trench. Above is the aptly-named Fanfin Seadevil, and below are Hatchet Fish.


Creatures from the Mariana Trench   [Imgur]

Death by Immersion

immersion death

Interesting photograph by Johannes Bojesen, in National Geographic:

The sheep had drowned while trying to cross a small canal in the meadow-swamp ‘Tøndermasken’ in southern Jylland in Denmark. Birds had eaten every part above the surface and everything under was left totally untouched.


The Earthquake Rose


The image above shows the record of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that shook Olympia, Washington in 2001. It was discovered in a sand-tracing pendulum by shop-owner Jason Ward. According to seismologists, the rose in the middle was created by the high-frequency waves that arrived first, with the larger oscillations around it being caused by the lower-frequency oscillations that arrived later.


Happy Hallowe’en!

Presented without comment.

Cold Stethoscope

A newborn gorilla at the Melbourne Zoo gets a medical checkup and expresses surprise at the cold stethoscope.