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For Sale: Bank Vault Swimming Pool


James Edition, “the world’s luxury marketplace” is selling an original Swiss bank vault packed full of Swiss 5-cent coins, for the Scrooge McDuck aficionados out there:

The bank safe swimming pool containing 8 Million real Swiss coins is currently located in Basel, Switzerland. This is the original bank safe from the former “Schweizer Volksbank” and known to be one of the finest Swiss piece of craftwork in the early 20th Century. It is in very good shape and still usable as a bank deposit safe. It will be removed from it’s original location and be replaced anywhere in the world. You’ll freely decide what happens with it.

Product Link   [James Edition]


The Useless Box

Presented without comment.


Gorillage People

The Gorillage People sing YMCA (and some more of your favourites).


How Animals Eat Their Food


The 10 Most-Complained-About Ads in the UK


The Telegraph has a list of the ten adverts for which the UK’s media watchdog received the most complaints. The ad above came in first, with 1,360 complaints. The reason? The people talking with their mouths full could encourage rudeness in children.

Interestingly, the ad below came in third with 1,313 complaints, which it received for being offensive to blind people and cruel to cats.


The Top 10 Most-Complained About Adverts of all Time   [Telegraph]

Bucket of Sloths

A bucket of sloths, for some reason.


Dog Racing: Improved


From a 1933 patent application by Rennie Renfro:

In the sport of greyhound racing, that is enjoyed by dog fanciers and racing enthusiasts, there has been recently introduced, the use of monkey riders, who serve in the capacity of jockeys. Because of the aptitude and imitative tendencies of simians, when they are positioned on the backs of their fleet charges, they imitate the actions of regular jockeys. The employment of the monkey jockey adds considerable zest and enjoyment to the sport. However, as in horse racing, there is always present the danger of the rider being accidentally thrown, and unless some means is provided for safely securing the riders, there is ever present the hazard of the rider being dislodged, with consequent injury.