25 Least Visited Countries


Pictured above is the “Door to Hell” in Turkenistan, which happens to be number 7 on a list of the 25 least visited countries in the world:

Why so few?
The country is reputed to be the second craziest in the world. After, of course, North Korea.

Why you may still want to visit
Crazy is fun! And all the police officers make you feel very safe.

What else
Do visit “The Door to Hell” which is the nickname of the burning crater in Darvaza, litterally in the middle of Karakum desert. It is fantastic and well worth the 3-4 hours long drive. Just stock up on food and vodka before you go, because you will want to stay in a tent overnight near the flames. They make a comforting sound.

The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World   [Migrating Media]


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