HoboJacket is a competitive winter coat drive started by MIT student Jin Pan. It’s a “competitive platform where you can donate your rival college’s jackets and shirts to the unfortunate because it’s terribly unfortunate that people actually went to that other college.” Not sure how I feel about that…



2 responses to “HoboJacket

  1. Interesting that it is posted in Funny and tagged in Cruel!

  2. One thing I found warming whilst I made myself homeless on the Streets of Perth in Western Australia, was the openedness of local businesses that wanted to help out. There are groups of volunteers and church going helpers you never quite read or hear about, they work all hours and are there for you, even if it is raining. I recall being given a long black cape which was donated by the Monks of Malta. I held that cape so close to my body, I felt blessed that I could finally see genuine people around me.
    There are millions of people all over the world, from Mongolia to Australia who do not have the luxury of a warm winter jacket, I think your HobboJacket drive, deserves more credibilty.

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