Superheroes Sometimes Wear Hearing Aids

4-year-old Anthony Smith has a congenital defect which has left him without one ear and with severely restricted hearing in the other. The young comic-book fan was doing very well with a special hearing aid which he calls ‘blue ear’, until one day he decided he wasn’t going to wear it anymore because “superheroes don’t wear hearing aids”.

His mother, not knowing what else to do, wrote to Marvel Comics and asked them for help. First, they received information about Hawkeye, who lost 80% his hearing and wore hearing aids back in the 1980’s. Then, they received drawings of a brand new superhero called Blue Ear.

And yes, Anthony has decided to start wearing his hearing aid again. There’s a great video at the link which is worth a watch, but I can’t embed it into my post.

Marvel Comics Creates Superhero in Honour of NH Boy   [FoxBoston]


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