Life Neutral

DSEi is the world’s largest arms fair, and takes place every two years in London. This year, a group called, ‘Life Neutral Solutions’ appeared, claiming that it was working with arms companies on a new ‘life ofsetting’ scheme, which aimed to balance the ‘unfortunate side effects’ of arms use. It turned out just be a prank by activist group The Space Hijackers, who have a history of harassing the arms fair.

You’ve heard of the importance of being carbon neutral? Well, being Life Neutral is the same – but with people. For every* life lost as a result of the use of products from our member organisations, we make sure that a new life flourishes. Join today and your next child could be a Life Neutral™ child.

Life Neutral Solutions works with the defence industry to provide solutions for balancing the unfortunate side effects of weapons use. Through sponsoring the birth and care of children in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, Life Neutral™ is committed to offsetting the collateral effects of defence operations in third-world conflict zones.

Life Neutral Solutions is interested in working with you. We are seeking potential parents who are committed to an ethical approach to weapons use and are excited by the possibility of an integrated package that would support you in bringing new life into our world.



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