Fox Cub Sliding

Great shots captured by Duncan Stewart at an abandoned quarry in rural Germany show a fox cub sliding down an old conveyor belt:

The 56-year-old, who now lives in Bursfelde, said: ‘One morning I arrived at the quarry and saw from a distance two young foxes playing on the conveyor belt.

‘One ran back to the top of the conveyor belt and then started to walk back down it, stopped and sat down.

‘After a few seconds it started to slide down the conveyor belt using its front paws to drag it forwards.

‘They were attracted to the conveyer belt because it was a playground to them.

‘I have not seen this type of behaviour amongst free living wild animals and I was really surprised and pleased to witness and capture this unusual event.

Young Fox Cub Has the Time of His Life Sliding Down Quarry Conveyor Belt   [DailyMail]


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