Stranger Moves Into Foreclosed Home, Citing Obscure Law

A man has moved into a $330K home in Texas citing an obscure law called, ‘adverse possession’. All told, it cost him $16 in paperwork.

“This is not a normal process, but it is not a process that is not known,” he said. “It’s just not known to everybody.”

He says an online form he printed out and filed at the Denton County courthouse for $16 gave him rights to the house. The paper says the house was abandoned and he’s claiming ownership.

“I added some things here for my own protection,” Robinson said.

The house is virtually empty, with just a few pieces of furniture. There is no running water or electricity.

But, Robinson said just by setting up camp in the living room, Texas law gives him exclusive negotiating rights with the original owner. If the owner wants him out, he would have to pay off his massive mortgage debt and the bank would have to file a complicated lawsuit.

Robinson believes because of the cost, neither is likely. The law says if he stays in the house, after three years he can ask the court for the title.

However, his neighbours are very, very upset at the thought of someone getting for free what they had to pay hundreds of thousands for and have even tried to have the police remove him from the premises. Alas, home ownership is considered a civil matter leaving the officers no recourse.

Stranger Moves into Foreclosed Home, Citing Little-Known Texas Law   [KHOU]


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