Canary in a Phosphate Mine

CNN has a fascinating story on the world’s smallest republic, the Pacific island of Nauru:

In a lot of ways, Nauru is something like a canary in a coal mine: It’s a tiny place with more than its share of troubles, most of them the kind that might have been prevented.

Nauru is battling a failed economy, widespread poor health and a natural environment ruined from the inside. They’re the kinds of things that aren’t altogether different from what’s facing many of the rest of us, but they’re magnified in a place that’s only a tenth the size of Washington, D.C.

If the Pacific took Nauru, it’d wash away one of the strangest and most troubled places on Earth. In my three days there, I met a cast of characters who would introduce me to the place.

Canary in a Phosphate Mine   [CNN]

[Thanks, Dad!]


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