Solid Waste Services Department

The City of Austin, TX is renaming its Solid Waste Services Department and has asked for help from the public to conceive of and vote on a new name:

The City of Austin is renaming the Solid Waste Services Department to better reflect all of the services the Department provides, including recycling, garbage collection, yard trimmings pick-up, street sweeping, litter abatement and litter control, household hazardous waste disposal, storm debris clean-up, Zero Waste initiatives and community outreach & education. We would like your input on the three new department name ideas below. You can cast a total of three votes, and as many as three votes for a particular name. Just click ‘vote’ to the left of the name to cast your vote. You can also provide comments on any of the items or suggest a new name of your own. The deadline to vote and comment is Thursday, February 10 at midnight. Thanks for your input! Stay tuned: the new department name will be announced in late April 2011.

The current winner is the Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts, although there are a lot of other great ones on the ballot. Among my favourites: Austin Dept. of Are You Gonna Eat That?; Poop Hunters United; Stone Cold Clean Austin; Litter Gitters; Ministry Of Filth; Taco Bell; Austin Feces Brigade; and the George Bush Memorial Shit Pile. But there are a lot more hilarious ones there too.



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