How Bees See the World

A database named the Floral Reflectance Database (FReD) is being developed which will show how bees see the world. Bees see farther towards the ultraviolet end of the spectrum than we do, so they are able to see certain colours and patterns that people can’t. Above is a Creeping Zinnia as we see it on the left and as a bee sees it on the right. It is believed that the concentric circles help show the bee where the pollen is.

The researchers collected what’s called “spectroreflective” measurements of the petals and leaves of a large number of different plants. These measurements show the colour of plants across both the visible and invisible spectrum.

Users of the database can then calculate how these plants appear to different pollinating insects, based on studies of what different parts of the spectrum different species see.

Database Shows How Bees See World in UV [BBCNews]


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