The Crossword Wizard

Dan Feyer is good at crosswords – really good. The crossword in the New York Times only takes him a minute or two and even the massive Saturday crossword might take up six minutes of his time.

Who is this guy? What kind of person knows the name of Gorbachev’s wife (Raisa), a synonym for no-good (dadblasted), the Rangers coach in 1994 (Keenan), a platinum-group element (iridium) and the meaning of objurgation (rant)?

Feyer is a musician by day and he says that there is a lot in common between music, crosswords and mathematics, another of his strengths. Why? According to Feyer, it’s because they all rely on the ability to recognize patterns and do something useful with that recognition.

Dan Feyer, The Crossword Wizard Who is Fastest of All [NYTimes]


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