Safety Takes the Fun Out of Hallowe’en

Katrina Onstad argues in the Globe and Mail that the obsession with safety is taking the fun out of Halowe’en:

How is it that safety has become synonymous with Halloween? “Have a safe Halloween!” a stranger called to my kids the last time we went trick or treating, as if a zombie might eat them. “Safety” is the buzzword of modern parenting and no other holiday seems to poke at this nervous spot more. Web sites, articles and letters from school warn of the imminent dangers on a day when children are encouraged to eat junk food, talk to strangers and carve (pumpkin) flesh with knives. And so we are told to wrap them in reflective tape, watch for suffocating masks and tail them like bodyguards. Later, while they sleep, we are supposed to sniff candy for possible toxins. Health Canada has a lengthy online document about Halloween safety, offering tips for idiots like: “Keep candles, jack-o-lanterns, matches and lighters in a place that children cannot reach.” So not on their pillows?

Boo: Safety Takes the Fun Out of Halowe’en [Globe and Mail]


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