Grass: America’s Largest Irrigated Crop

Sacramento News and Review recently advised readers to ‘Kill Your Lawn’, by ripping out turf and planting climate-appropriate plants instead. This comes after four years of drought in the region. Ted Cox, writing for SNR asks why property owners should spend so much time maintaining lawns that go largely unused:

Spend a few minutes cruising the post-5 p.m. streets of just about any Sacramento residential neighborhood—by bicycle or electric vehicle, of course—and you’ll soon notice what’s really funny about the lawns: They’re mostly empty stretches of grass. There are no kids sliding and slipping down Slip ’n Slides; no neighbors chugging beers on front-porch overlooks, arguing about just how bad the Sacramento Kings suck.

When something is happening in the front yard, it almost always has to do with someone pushing a lawn mower or lugging an edge trimmer—or maybe a sprinkler system spraying water on the grass and onto the driveway.

In other words, the only thing going on in most of these large, grassy front yards is the work put into maintaining them.

Kill Your Lawn [SNR]


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