Laptop Thief Backs Up Victim’s Data, Mails it Back

After a professor in Sweden had his laptop stolen, he received a not-unwelcome surprise in the mail a few days later: a USB key on which all of his laptop’s data had been backed up.

On his return, the backpack, containing his computer, calendar, keys, and other effects had gone. He called the police. A few minutes later, perhaps praying for some kind of divine intervention, he went back out into the stairwell, where the backpack had strangely reappeared. Only one thing was missing: his laptop.

“Unfortunately, I have been bad at backing up my computer,” the Local quoted the professor as saying. He is not alone.

However, it was as if an angel had intercepted his thoughts and words. The angel being the thief.

For around a week later, the professor says he received an envelope. Inside was a USB stick. Did this hold information about a rival professor’s indiscretions with his comely students? Did it hold images of Tiger Woods on a private trip to Sweden?

No, it held all the data from his laptop. The thief, it appears, took pity and spent perhaps hours making sure that the professor got all of his unbacked-up information back.


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