The End is Nigh for Maununneva

This spring Helsinki was left with a 27-metre-high pile of snow, the consequences of a whiter-than-usual winter. The snow represents 20 000 truckloads of snow ploughed off the city streets. The sheer magnitude of the pile has led some to wonder if it would even all melt before the end of the summer, or if some would remain for this coming winter. From the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper:

The melting process has accelerated as the end approaches.
In the last two weeks the pile has shed 3.4 metres in height and the area over which it spreads has also diminished appreciably.
Now the statue of legendary long-distance runner Paavo Nurmi can look down imperiously on the snowpile from its height of 3.6 metres (including the plinth). There was a time when the proud heap was taller even than the rollercoaster at Helsinki’s Linnanmäki amusement park, but it has been a cruel hard summer for snow.
First we had a warm May, then plenty of rain in early June, and then all that quite exceptional heat in July, and then the late-summer rains have come.
Hardly any wonder the snow is getting weary.
To cap it all, machinery has been used to break up the snow-mass in a cruel and inhuman fashion.

Apparently the pile has been giving up objects as it melts that have been lost in it since last winter, such as flower pots, snow shovels and two motorcycles.

The End is Nigh: Maununneva Snow Pile Down to Just One Metre [Helsingin Sanomat]


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