Really interesting shots by Kirill Kuletski of an abandoned salt mine in Ukraine which functions as a treatment center for asthmatics and other sufferers of lung problems.

As reported by The Guardian in 2005, “Speleotherapy was discovered in Poland in the 1950s when it was noticed that salt miners rarely suffered from tuberculosis or respiratory diseases. It is a common treatment in Eastern and Central Europe, but almost unknown elsewhere.”

Doctors at the Solotvyno’s allergological hospital say airborne salts have the capacity to dissolve stubborn phlegm and kill off microorganisms known to cause infection, but experts in other regions of the world aren’t convinced of the benefits. Caroline Moye of Asthma UK told the Guardian, “There is very little evidence available to suggest it is an effective intervention treatment for people with asthma.”

Eerie Ukrainian Salt Mines House Convalescing Asthmatics [Wired]


One response to “Speleotherapy

  1. We gargle with salt water for sore throats and people now use salt water filled nasal pots regularly.

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