Other World

Other World (Más Világ) is a project by Hungarian photojournalists Judit M. Horváth and György Kerényi, who have spent the last 15 years photographing the Romani (Gypsy) people in Hungary. György says:

Sometimes there is much talk about Gypsies, but usually they are enveloped in silence. Their existence is a burden for everyone: for teachers, neighbours, for politicians. Whether we want to “elevate, integrate or assimilate” or to liquidate,
segregate or regulate them, the discourse is always about them and not with them.

We always know just what the problem is: there are too many of them; they are different; they are strange, they don’t follow our moral codes, they are workshirkers, they are criminals – shall we go on with the list? We don’t know what they want, how they want to live. In Gypsy classes, in huts on the outskirts of villages, in prison, on state benefits?
Or do they perhaps have desires like we do? Or are they really so unalterably different? How many times have we run around the same lap, and for how many centuries have they been running?…

It is painful to realize how much we, the so called majority, are not present in these photos. Everything there belongs to the Roma – the house, the pullover, the goat, all the absences. Gypsyland. It only seems to be a part of the segment of time and space called Hungary. It is another country, another towns, another
Budapest: our Hungary is not like this. And yet our Hungary is like this.

Other World [Lens Culture]


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