Metal Detectorist Unearths $1M in Roman Coins

Dave Crisp, a hospital chef and self-described ‘metal detectorist’ has found a stash of 52 000 Roman coins dating from late in the 3rd century AD buried under a farmer’s field near Frome in Somerset in Southern England:

Initially, Crisp found 21 coins, but when he unearthed the pot, he knew he needed archaeological help to excavate them.

The hoard contains 766 coins bearing an image of the Roman general Marcus Aurelius Carausius, who ruled Britain independently from AD 286 to AD 293 and was the first Roman emperor to strike coins in Britain.

Somerset County Council archaeologists excavated the pot — a type of container normally used for storing food — it weighed 160kg (350 pounds) and contained 52,500 coins.

Amateur Unearths 52 000 Roman Coins Worth $1M [CNN]


One response to “Metal Detectorist Unearths $1M in Roman Coins

  1. A proverbial pot of gold then…

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