Soft Drink Ban Takes Effect in San Fran

As part of a plan to improve the health of residents in San Francisco, calorically-enriched drinks have been banned from vending machines on city property. Taking their place will be water, milk, soy milk, and a host of other, more nutritious options.

It’s all part of [mayor Gavin] Newsom’s effort to combat obesity and improve San Franciscans’ health, similar to a national effort being championed by first lady Michelle Obama.

The mayor’s administration points to studies linking soda to obesity, including a UCLA one released last year that found adults who drink at least one soft drink a day are 27 percent more likely to be obese than those who don’t, and that soda consumption is fueling the state’s $41 billion annual obesity problem. The study also found that 41 percent of children and 62 percent of teens drink at least one soda daily.

“There’s a direct link between what people eat and drink and the obesity and health care crises in this country,” Newsom spokesman Tony Winnicker said. “It’s entirely appropriate and not at all intrusive for city government to take steps to discourage the sale of sugary sodas on city property.”

Sugary-drink Ban Starts to Affect S.F. Sites [SFGate]


One response to “Soft Drink Ban Takes Effect in San Fran

  1. People really need to think a little, yes excessive sugary drinks aren’t good for anyone. Some of ways that are being implemented to stop the consumption of the drinks is ridiculous. If the officials think if a person has water or some other nutritious drink when they order 2 Big Macs and a large fry, they(the officials) will curb obesity, they’re wrong! People need to be aware of what they’re eating more than what they are drinking.

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