How Do You Punish a Football Team?

In light of the punishments exacted against the French football team at the World Cup by the French Football Federation after their less-than-stunning performance, the BBC has a list of punishments exacted against football players in the past.

The Soviet national side were drawn against Yugoslavia in the last 16 of the 1952 Olympics. It was a politically charged moment, as Tito’s Yugoslavia had broken ties with USSR four years earlier, and was making overtures to the West. Yugoslavia was described in the Soviet media as the worst possible kind of traitor.

The match ended in a draw 5-5 and had to be replayed. When the replay ended in a 3-1 defeat for the USSR, Stalin showed his displeasure.

The coach and several players from the leading Soviet club of the day, CDCA, were dropped from the squad. The CDCA club itself was disbanded (it was later reborn as today’s CSK). No mention of the game was made in Soviet reports of the Olympics and all images and footage of the match collected by Soviet photographers and cameramen were destroyed.

How Do You Punish a Football Team? [BBC News]


2 responses to “How Do You Punish a Football Team?

  1. that is terrible and interesting!

  2. Could have been worse. Stalin could have called them all to the Kremlin for a penalty kick in the groin.

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