Inspired by Iceland

In an effort to get their image back after a financial meltdown and a volcano that caused the largest shutdown of European airspace since WWII, Iceland has embarked on an aggressive internet campaign. During “Iceland Hour” on Thursday, the 320 000 inhabitants of the world’s most Northerly nation were urged to go online and spread the word about how much they love their country. Not only that, they’ve uploaded videos all over the place and set up a site where you can view areas of Iceland on a live webcam (which is actually pretty cool).

The head of the “Inspired by Iceland” internet campaign, Einar Karl Haraldsson, told BBC News that tens of thousands of e-cards had been sent between 1300 and 1400 GMT.

He said half a million people had viewed the videos on the campaign website and “there have been two million hits on Twitter”, the popular social network.

“We can already say there has been an enormous response,” he said.

For what it’s worth, Iceland, I still have all the same viking, fisherman and volcano stereotypes about you I always had.

Iceland Woos World With Net Event [BBCNews]


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