Dave Eggers on the Joys of Print

Dave Eggers spoke on print, as opposed to online, journalism last week at ASNE’s national conference. He outlined four reasons why he likes print so much more. I agreed with all four of them:

1. Comprehensiveness and containment

“It’s too exciting and distracting online,” Eggers said. While print — especially long-form print — encourages hunkering down and cuddling up, online journalism fosters a kind of low-grade, perpetual ADD. Online, “there’s always some button that wants you to click to cat porn,” he said, as the audience laughed. “You try to read something, and it’s flashing, it’s telling you to go somewhere else.”

Calmness, Curation, Cat Porn: Dave Eggers’ Joys of Print [Nieman Lab]


One response to “Dave Eggers on the Joys of Print

  1. He’s a good writer! I have one of his books here.

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