Six Months of Solar Paths

This really cool image was made by someone calling themselves ‘Mr. Mallon’ and records the path of the sun through the sky over a period of six months. The image (actually a negative) was made by leaving a pinhole camera (instructions to make your own here) set up in his backyard for six months. Each line traces the path of the sun on a different day and the breaks in the lines are periods where it was too cloudy to get much sun. Looks like Mr. Mallon had a few pretty dreary weeks.

[via Gizmodo]


One response to “Six Months of Solar Paths

  1. Thats pretty cool. I’m curious what film he used and the size of the pinhole. I would have thought the entire film would have been completely over exposed.

    I have done similar stuff at night, shooting stars as the earth turns. Its amazing how each records as a different color.

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