The Jobs of Yesteryear

An absolutely brilliant piece of work on NPR which highlights a dozen professions that are going (or are already) extinct, largely due to their being replaced by modern technology. Above is a lector:

Cigar makers in Florida and New York City would sometimes pool their wages to pay a “lector” to read newspapers or political tracts aloud to them while they worked. Lectors read all matter of materials, but tended to favor left-of-center and pro-union writings. The practice of reading aloud at cigar factories may have originated in Cuba, where it continues today, and was also popular in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The piece includes photos, a brief explanation and an audio segment from someone who actually remembers these fascinating professions.

The Jobs of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations [NPR]


One response to “The Jobs of Yesteryear

  1. Very nostalgic!
    Regarding the log drivers…Are you familiar with Kate (whose son is Rufus Wainwright)and Anna Mcgarrigle’s song The Log Drivers Waltz?

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