Rare Buddhist Flower Found Beneath Nun’s Washing Machine

Pictured above is the Youtan Poluo, or Udumbara flower, which blooms only once every 3 000 years, according to Buddhist legend. It bears flowers of only 1 mm in diameter:

Miao Wei, 50, was cleaning when she discovered the cluster of white flowers under the washing machine.

At first she thought the barely-there stems were worm eggs, however, the next day she discovered that the stems had grown 18 white tiny flowers on top and smelled “fragrant”.

Local temples believe the mini blooms are specimens of the miraculous Youtan Poluo flower – called “Udumbara” or “Udambara” in Sanskrit, meaning “an auspicious flower from heaven.”

Rare Buddhist Flower Found Under Nun’s Washing Machine [The Telegraph]


One response to “Rare Buddhist Flower Found Beneath Nun’s Washing Machine

  1. It’s clear that these “flowers” are in fact lacewing eggs. The traditional udumbara flowers, such as those from a Ficus tree and the blue lotus have leaves and roots. Because these are lacewing eggs, they will recur every year.



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