Millionaire Gives Away the Fortune Which Made Him Miserable

Karl Rabeder, a millionaire from Austria, is giving away all of his fortune after he realized that it was making him unhappy:

“For a long time I believed that more wealth and luxury automatically meant more happiness,” he said. “I come from a very poor family where the rules were to work more to achieve more material things, and I applied this for many years,” said Mr Rabeder.

But over time, he had another, conflicting feeling.

“More and more I heard the words: ‘Stop what you are doing now – all this luxury and consumerism – and start your real life’,” he said. “I had the feeling I was working as a slave for things that I did not wish for or need.

I have the feeling that there are lot of people doing the same thing.”

He intends to raffle off his house and all of his other possessions and use the money to fund a charity he’s created which helps people in South America start their own businesses without having to rely on loan sharks. After that, Mr. Rabeder plans to move into a small shack with a minimum of possessions.

Millionaire Gives Away the Fortune Which Made Him Miserable [The Telegraph]


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