Community at the Laundromat

The New York Times is running a fascinating piece on laundromats in New York City:

Henry Fernandez, 57, moseyed in with his wife, Yaya, a couple of loads to do. He had no legitimate reason to be at the Clean Rite. A washer and dryer sit in the basement of his house a few blocks away. He comes to socialize. He’s well-known in the neighborhood. His mother is famous for cooking meals and bestowing them on the needy. Her name is Felicia Smith, and people know her as “Mrs. Smith, the Puerto Rican woman.”

He was talking now, to this man, that woman. “It’s pleasant here,” he said. “You never know who you’ll run into. What can I say, I really like the laundromat.”

The 24-Hour Cycle at Clean Rite Laundromat in Clinton Hill [NYTimes]


One response to “Community at the Laundromat

  1. I was at my church yesterday helping to prepare vegetables for a meal to feed 450 people…great community and fellowship and somebody said…. I wonder what people do who don’t belong to a church community?…I could say …They go to the Laundromat!…guess we all seek community!

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