Like Slate for Terrorists

Al-Qaeda has been publishing its own magazine called Sada al-Manahim (“The Echo of Battles”) for about two years now. They cover all things jihadi: tips on becoming a better foot solider, interviews with terrorist leaders, even fan mail. Slate has a brilliant piece comparing the jihadi publication to their own magazine:

In some ways, Sada al-Malahim isn’t all that different from Slate. The content is separated out into various departments and rubrics—like “Martyr Biographies,” which recount the life stories of suicide bombers. Many of its articles are penned by notable figures, like Nasser al-Wahishi, a former secretary to Osama bin Laden who heads the al-Qaida affiliate in Yemen. (Al-Wahishi may have been killed in a Dec. 24 airstrike.) Some Sada al-Malahim pieces are published in installments. The recent “Victory Over the Interrogators” series, for example, began by instructing readers on what to expect if captured and followed up with tips on how to resist divulging sensitive information. There’s even an Explainer-like feature that answers reader questions about current topics in jihadism. (Here’s one: The prophet commanded us to expel infidels from the Arabian Peninsula. Which countries was he referring to?) The column, called “Fatawa” after the Islamic tradition of seeking scriptural interpretations from a mufti, was spiked earlier this year.

What Can You Read About in Al-Qaeda’s Web Magazine? [Slate]


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