Spandau Ballet to Become First Band to Play in Space

Spandau Ballet are to become the first band to play in space, aboard the Virgin Galactic spacecraft Enterprise. From the Toronto Sun:

The long-forgotten New Romantic outfit — who recently reunited at the urging of absolutely nobody — are slated to play outside the Earth’s atmosphere during a trip on Sir Richard Branson’s newly unveiled commercial spacecraft Enterprise.

The vehicle, which was unveiled last week by Branson’s company Virgin Galactic as part of his apparent quest to become a real-life Bond villain, will blast insanely rich passengers 65 miles above the planet for several minutes of weightlessness — especially in the wallet. So far, about 300 space cadets have allegedly coughed up $200,000 for a ticket, while another 82,000 dreamers have registered their interest on Virgin’s website.

Six of those deep-pocketed rocket scientists will apparently be able to take in the Spandau Ballet gig, which will supposedly take place in 2011 and last five minutes — just long enough for the band to play one song. Coincidentally, that could also be just long enough for someone to accidentally open the pod-bay door and turn Spandau Ballet from The First Band to Suck in Space to The First Band to be Sucked Into Space.

Spandau Ballet in Space? [Toronto Sun]

One response to “Spandau Ballet to Become First Band to Play in Space

  1. First band to suck in space ?

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