Mystery CD From the Desert

Swan Fungus of WFMU’s Beware of the Blog writes about a strange CD he found while hiking at Joshua Tree:

The last place I ever expected to find an unlabeled CD-r filled with music would be in the middle of the fucking desert. But nearly two years ago I was hiking in Joshua Tree and I came across a completely surreal sight: an old-school 5 1/4″ computer floppy disk. It appeared to have been tossed casually near the side of the trail I was on, housed in a simple plastic baggie. I reached into the bag and pulled out the floppy disc. I noticed that the magnetic tape inside the plastic case had been replaced by a recordable compact disc. The disc had a creepy message scrawled on it which read, “A silvery female voice breaking through onto the airband sang in German, ‘We are from another world, but you have cut us out”. I don’t believe in ghosts or extraterrestrials or anything, but standing in the middle of nowhere reading that line was enough to send me into a miniature freak out. What’s more, a folded-up piece of paper was also buried inside the plastic cover. A treasure map. Browned edges and everything. It featured a pirate ship (?), a series of footsteps through mountains and palm trees (?), one red X, and ten blue X’s. One of of the X’s appeard to be floating in the middle of a body of water.Whoa.

I listened to the recording on my drive back to LA that night. It was indescribably weird. The dedication to the floppy disk case, chicken scratch message, and treasure map implied that someone with way too much time on his or her hands crafted it. The insanity of the recording — with one or two kind of pretty moments — mirrored the obsessively constructed feel of the package. I didn’t know if I was listening to the work of a mad genius or a deranged psychopath. The sounds are a combination of heavily processed human voices and schizophrenic space music. The 11 tracks are very short, with only four “tunes” lasting longer than three minutes. Most are in the thirty-second to two-minute range in length. I wouldn’t call it “rock,” but it’s guitar-centric. I also wouldn’t say that it is very good, but it made for an interesting listen.

It’s very possible it’s a hoax, but I just love mysteries like this so much. The full post has all of the tracks uploaded so you can hear them. They’re pretty creepy to say the least.

Question Mark Question Mark Question Mark [WFMU’s Beware of the Blog]


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